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That Feeling

Do you know that feeling?

That one.

That imagined string, invisible bond

The kind that makes you wild


Act like a child.

And you miss them and you want them

To get out and to go away

To turn around



Do you know that feeling?


The one you never put into words.

The one you needed and hated and craved.

The feeling that lingers after everything, after all.

And you miss them.

But you can’t.

And you won’t.

But you still want and want and

by j.o.

Alabama, USA

Water Foam

The Ocean in Winter


by j.o.

Alabama, USA

verbal abuse

i watch the little flames dance before me

tendrils curl and twist

my face flushes, the heat caresses

sparks burn up

as fast as they come

and eventually the flame dies

but to everything it touched

the damage is done

fire scorches skin

words burn flesh

and love is left in dying embers

shambles of what it once was


Emilee Gallegos, @egpoetrye

New Mexico, USA

Woman with Bible

I Confess

by Anna Vuolo

New Jersey, USA

In Between

I'm somewhere between living and existing.

Sometimes I don't know if I'm breathing to survive

Or living just for the sake of being alive.

Jung Tzudir, @jzudirpoetry



In the dream, she could never reach him

    In the nightmare, he was never there

        And he always looked past,


                As if she were a ghost, too.


Without body,


    Having too much soul,

        Wishing and wanting

            A dream

                A nightmare

                    That always came true.

by j.o.

Alabama, USA

gift of life


i like to water my flowers

like i water my friends

put them in my favorite pot

with just the right soil

then i

make sure they grow

when they blossom

i tell them just how

pretty they are

I am proud

of my flowers

as i am proud of my friends

but sometimes

i wonder who will water me

and trim my dead ends

Emilee Gallegos, @egpoetrye

New Mexico, USA

The Last Scene

by Alydia Rackham


Sneak Peek:

     Two men sat on chairs center stage, and an empty, funky-patterned couch stood near them, stage left. One man was thin with faded red hair, wearing black dress pants and a white collared shirt, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He had a serious, angular face and a penetrating look. He had a booklet on his knee, and gestured delicately with a pencil between his fingers as he talked to the other man. I recognized him—and suddenly remembered the calm, regulated lilt of his upper-class English accent.

     The other man was fat, with a round face, and his chortling laughter echoed out into the hall toward me. He had greying, combed hair and little eyes, and wore a grey suit and vest, with no tie.

     Bracing myself, I started down the aisle, my feet silent on the thin carpet. Then, all of a sudden, they saw me.

     “Miss Maple?” the fat one called, his voice booming out. He sat forward and shielded his eyes from the lights. “Is that you?”

Always be True To Yourself


Staying on the right path isn’t always easy.
All you can do is try your best to stay the person you were meant to be in life.
Be a realest and not a copy cat.
You got to keep your distance from those who are not doing
the right thing trying to peer pressure you
Not allowing no one to discourage, mislead, redirect you giving you the wrong directions to make wrong turns you end up getting off the wrong exit.
Saying why smacking the steering wheel around a few times
shouting now I’m never going to make it there.
Now you have to ask to be redirected all over again by a complete stranger that is not cool at all.
So be aware and don't take directions from your haters you know what I'm saying you hear me.
Get directions from Google or Siri they might take you the long route but you can ask them for the shortest route to
how to get there , either way you will get to your destination.
Stay in your lane keep your mind focused on what you are doing that is what matters.
You opened the book to goodness in your life so enjoy it to the fullest don’t take advantage of it always be humble , grateful and kind to others.
Because bullying is not cool at all.
Don’t allow no one to bully you and do not bully others it’s the law and you can go to jail and you don't want that problem.
Always be true to yourself stay focused believe in yourself that’s the best route to go.

Jamie Ciccone

New York, USA

Star Formation

Something Special

by CL Mannarino

Massachusetts, USA